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How Full Is Your Bucket Superior Press


Book selection: 'How Full is Your Bucket?'

Welcome to video one of our 9-part video series where we discuss this year’s book selection How Full is Your Bucket. I’m Kevin Traut, President of Superior Press.

The Intro of the book employs a useful metaphor to help us visualize how our home and work environments impact our moods.

Imagine that each of us carries a bucket and a dipper in our daily lives.

The buckets are our moods. The fuller our bucket becomes, the better we feel about ourselves and our interactions with others. The emptier our bucket the worse we feel. The goal is to keep our buckets as full as we can.

Now, imagine your dipper is what we say or the gestures we extend to others. With our dipper we can add to the buckets of our friends, family, colleagues and clients… or we can empty them.

It all depends upon how we treat one another. The dipper is an important reminder that when we fill other’s buckets, we positivity fill our own.

With so many opportunities to make a difference in each other’s lives every day, it’s important to note that we remember the positive and negative moments more than the neutral ones.

At Superior Press, it is one of our core values to consistently delight our clients in a way their buckets overflow and their interactions with us feel positive, productive and supportive. By delighting them, our buckets are fuller.

We hope that you’re reading along with us! If so, tell us in a comment below how someone has filled your bucket recently.

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