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Anatomy of a Smart Safe [infographic]


Smart safes are more than just an advanced version of safe hardware. They lay the groundwork for innovative cash management processes that fuel operational efficiency for all types of businesses.

Here's a look at the anatomy of a smart safe and how the technology delivers a level of benefits beyond anything else on the market today.

The anatomy of a smart safe [infographic]

Cash security

This enables immediate deposit of cash, removing employee access and, thereby, minimizing or eliminating the typical 5% of annual revenue that is lost through employee theft and miscounts.

Control access

Software-based control lets you establish role-based access (usernames, PINs) so you can track user activity and intelligently manage who accesses the Smart Safe.


Bills are validated to ensure cash accuracy and eliminate time-consuming double counting, deposit preparation and recounts due to counting errors.

Counterfeit detection

Smart Safes scan bills to identify counterfeits - a functionality that pays off when safes are used near the point of sale.


Smart safes gather transactional data and event logs and track cash by shift as well as transaction type and cashier, for full transparency into your cash operations.

Enterprise-wide tracking

With a web interface, users can interact with cash-flow visualizations remotely, with the safe tracking currency in real time as it's entered.

Provisional credit capability

Smart safes allow for provisional credit with your bank by offering you immediate access to funds based on what's already been logged through the note validators into the safe.

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Smart safes do more than improve how your business handles money. They offer you an opportunity to rethink your cash management processes and how you protect your investment.

Superior Press can support your smart safe investment with a holistic service model that covers everything from maintenance to armored car services.

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